Nine ways to reduce your website’s ‘spam score’ and help to avoid SEO penalties

To increase instant traffic to their websites, most people adopt spam techniques like black hat SEO. It will benefit the website in the short term, but in the long run, this tactic will ruin your website and increase your spam score which leads to Google penalties. Once you are caught on Google’s radar, there is no way back for at least 6 months. As per the Moz algorithm, how to prevent website spam a score of 1% to 30% counts as a low spam score, and 31% to 60% falls into the medium zone, and above that is considered a high toxic spam score. No doubt, low-quality links are termites to your website that gradually contribute to bringing down the ranking of your website. If external links are added to your site, there is a possibility of spam score getting increased.

Reducing Website Spam

If there is any problem then you can ask in the comment. Hope you liked the information about how to fix spam scores given by us and you have understood everything about spam scores. In this way, you can easily find out the spam score of your website and blog with Moz Link Explorer tools. Reducing the spam score in a short span of time and also eliminating the spammy or unnatural links that existed in the backlink profile. Hence, above the 60 characters length title, consider spam activity. Here is an example of a spammy domain; “Digitalmarketingcourse.searchengineoptimization.com”.

Low-Level Domains

Well, this question can bring a dark cloud of doubts into your mind. It is a question of concern, as digital marketers are divided into two sides regarding the spam score. Most of them thought that spam score has nothing to do with the ranking, but a number of marketers take spam scores seriously and put efforts to bring the score down to the standard levels. High-quality content is very important for the websites because if the quality of the content is thin, it would not be helpful for your business. Thin content website is penalized by Google because a website with thin content has a high spam score.

Reducing Website Spam

A backlink from such sites has a disastrous impact on your traffic and search ranking. Apart from that, you can check Moz’s 27 spam score signals mentioned in the above section of the blog, which will help you identify the root cause. The spam score is a metric developed by Moz’s Director of Data Science, Dr. Matt Peters in 2015.

Security Tip (ST04-

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Reducing Website Spam

Then open the MOZ toolbar and go to the Spam Score option, enter your URL then click on the Analyze button. A very simple way to check your site’s spam score, If you want to check the spam score of your site, you can check it through Website SEO Checker, MOZ Toolbar, Ah refs, and other SEO tools. Suppose when Google Crawlers visit your website or your post, they will first check the nature of the backlinks(Do-follow or No-follow) to your website. If your backlink was Do-Follow, then Google crawler will visit the external link of your website.

While we’re on the subject of domain names, it’s also wise to avoid numbers unless they’re part of your business name, as this is another spam signal – as are hyphens in a domain name. To make this list accessible to the average small business or freelancer, we’ve amalgamated most of Moz’s signals into nine key things to look at. And particular, nine things you can do to help avoid your website being seen as spam and potentially hurt your SEO. If you list your email address on your website, chances are it’s being harvested by email spam bot programs.

External Links in Content

Double-click is one of the key tags for Google, as it helps to manage online ads and to know the campaigns, or products that generate revenue for Google. Most spam sites do not use it, so it gives the signal to Google about the nature of your website. Google Tag Manager allows you to manage all your tags on the website without making changes to the coding.

Reducing Website Spam

The number of domains you link to – again, spam sites are more likely to link to an abnormally high or low number of external domains. So make sure you link to a range of different websites. Don’t have one pet favourite; vary your external links so it appears more natural. A https://globalcloudteam.com/ site with only a few pages is a spam score indicator. Now this can be quite a tricky one to avoid for a freelancer or small business, but it’s worth noting. Many spam sites that are set up for a single purpose and have no desire to offer genuine value, have very few pages.

Machine Learning to filter spam content

This is an easy target for spammers who copy and paste scripts, URLs, contact information, and more. Some people consider email forwards a type of spam, so be selective with the messages you redistribute. Don’t forward every message to everyone in your address book, and if recipients ask that you not forward messages to them, respect their requests. Think twice before you respond to any request for your email address, on the web, verbally, or on paper.

  • Another less known way to block spam is by languages.
  • We are an expert SEO service provider in USA, using latest techniques and tools to generate leads, traffic and visitors on your website.
  • So make sure you link to a range of different websites.
  • Here is a simple illustration that shows how honeypot spam filtering works.
  • We’ve all had to click “I’m not a robot” at some point in our lives.

Spam does not necessarily contain viruses—valid messages from legitimate sources could fall into this category. Jarnagin started early in life learning about the outdoors from his grandfather and dad on a small farm in Sweetwater, Okla. His work with Blue Heron Communications springboarded him into a position as the content curator at Gun Talk Media. Firefly Publicity’s owner, Kim Emery, is a strategic thinker and proven communicator.

Why you need to choose the right domain name (and how to do it)

Hence, avoid black-hat SEO stuff like keyword stuffing, low-quality content, and creating low-quality backlinks to your site. Instead, prefer creating high-quality content and trying to get the backlink from trusted sites. Linking to relevant websites shows Google that you are a trustworthy website. The primary reason for any site’s rise in this spam score is due to spammy links and if your site has low-quality backlinks then there is a chance of a high spam score on your site. Hence you should avoid using low-quality backlinks and broken links on your website. Some website users make more links in a single day, it leads to more spam rates of your website.

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So, let me now tell you how to find the website’s spam score, and how to reduce the website’s spam score. The purpose of using the meta keyword tag is to inform the search engine about the relevant keyword to the page or content. But websites with many keyword tags count as spam and it falls under keyword stuffing. To trick Google, spammers overuse the keyword tag, thus Moz considers it a valid reason for giving scoring spam. The more backlinks you have, the more authentic your site is.

The number of cold leads is likely higher with fewer questions, but what if the conversation begins on your website? This way, when your salespeople reach out, there’s substance as the grounds for a conversation. Al has been a hunter, shooter and gun-tinkerer since he was old enough to own a BB gun, and he’s been interested in writing almost as long.

Guide On Website Spam Score & How To Reduce It

If you tick those boxes you’ll help to reassure Google that you’re legit. And if you’ve not had any penalties it doesn’t mean you need to make panicked, urgent changes. General accessibility is another important point in regards to CAPTCHAS that has been debated heavily.

Proper And Correctly Written Form Address

This means for a site that does, the spammers will generally move on to the easier and juicier targets. Cleaning up any spam that makes it through promptly is one way of staying ahead of the pack. The above image is of course an exception usually but it illustrates the point well. Sometimes they go wrong, and the assumption your users can actually complete them reliably can be costly. CAPTCHAS are those boxes on websites that verify you’re a human being by asking you to type in some words you see, or answering a question to verify your probably a human. The same applies for our users who report spam when it gets through – a big thank you as well!

When this invisible field was populated with an answer, it was automatically discarded as spam. SPAM can be time-consuming and frustrating, and can lead to additional problems on your website and in your email. It becomes increasingly frustrating when it seems to grow like uncontrollable mold. To prevent SPAM, it is important to know how it is defined, how it comes about and finally, how to reduce SPAM or stop it altogether.

After reading the above-given information, you get to know how important it is to lower down your spam score. If you are facing any issue related to your spam score, then you should use work on it. Hackers and spammers troll the internet looking for computers, phones, tablets, and other connected devices that aren’t protected by up-to-date security software.

A spam bot submits a form by making sure that every field or at least the ones that are required is filled so, no form validation prevents it from submitting. If your site has a spam score of 0-4 then it can be ignorant. 0-4 flags number means 0.5% to 7.5% spam, 5-7 flags number means 11.4% to 30.6% spam and 8-14 flags number means 56.8% to 100% spam. Know how much spam score is considered to be correct and secure, please. Go beyond the basics with new perspectives and interesting insights.

Make sure your site is easy to navigate and search engine friendly. A well-organized site will be rewarded with better rankings. You must visit the search console tool and check the reports to see any Google penalties. If nothing is there, try to look for indexing issues or broken pages. When your website is huge it’s common to have issues with a few pages but the search console will identify it slowly but definitely.

For example, while auditing a client’s website a few months back, I saw backlinks from other countries like Russia, Indonesia, and more. You could use the Google Disavow tool for such types of links. There are many websites that have high spam scores and still rank top in search engines. Google uses its own factors and algorithm to rank content. Hence, Moz spam score is good but not everything for your SEO efforts. As of now, you must be aware of the Moz spam score; these metrics help to identify whether the websites linked to a domain or subdomains are spammy in nature.